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  • Should I keep my Fiddle-Leaf Fig in its original “grower's pot”?
    You can keep it in the grower’s pot or repot it into a new container that has a drainage hole. If your new container does not have drainage, you should keep the plant in the gower's pot. In this case, you can bring the grower's pot to your sink, water the plant, let it drain through, and then place it back into the other container. Our grower’s pots are designed to drain quickly because of our outdoor environment. Bringing your FLF into your home will change their environment. Therefore, they will need to acclimate and be watered differently according to where you have placed your FLF. Avoid direct sunlight and air vents to ensure your plant does not dry out to fast. Using a “Moisture Meter” will assist you in providing the amount of water that your plant needs. See our video on repotting:
  • Why does my Fiddle-Leaf Fig have brown spots on the edges & center?
    Brown edges of an under-watered plant typically begin at the edge of the leaf (not in the middle like they when it is over-watered). You will find that this will affect leaves all over the plant whereas root-rot begins in the lower leaves from being over-watered. Root rot is caused by a combination of over-watering and lack of sunlight. Preventing over-watering and under-watering is the key thing to be mastered when considering your environment.
  • Why are my leaves falling off?
    It is normal for a Fiddle-Leaf Fig (FLF) to drop leaves on occasion. You only have an issue if it is getting excessive. If the oldest leaves toward the bottom of your plant are falling off, the most likely cause is over-watering. If the leaves are falling off throughout your FLF, this is most likely due to under-watering and your plant is too dry.
  • How often do I water my Fiddle-Leaf Fig?
    To determine the amount of water needed, you will need to analyze your specific environment. Different air conditioning, sunlight, etc. in your home can impact how much water the plant needs. If your soil provides proper drainage and you have a gravel layer in your container, once a week is likely all you will need. Test the plant’s soil with a water meter periodically and water only when the soil is dry. Ensuring the soil dries out before the next watering is key. You want to water all of the soil evenly and use enough so that the water drips through to the bottom of the plant. A gravel layer at the bottom will ensure that the plant’s roots do not sit in water.
  • What kind of potting soil do I use when I re-pot my Fiddle-Leaf Fig?
    You want a soil designed for houseplants that anchors the roots, provides nutrients for growth, and allows oxygen to reach the root system. This is key to ensuring your roots are being watered properly. You want a fast-draining soil when possible to reduce the risk of root rot. Many soil blends combine perlite for drainage and peat moss to retain moisture.
  • What kind of fertilizer should I feed my Fiddle-Leaf Fig?
    As growers on our tree farm, we use time-release pellets because our grower’s pots drain so quickly. The best NPK (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) ratio is 3-1-2. Liquid fertilizer is a great way to fertilize your Fiddle-Leaf Fig every time you water. A brand “Fiddle-Leaf Fig Plant Food” is a good liquid fertilizer. Follow the directions that come with the fertilizer.
  • How often do I fertilize?
    During its growing season, Spring & Summer, it is a good time to fertilize your plant with pellet fertilizer. If you choose to, you can use a liquid fertilizer that is designed to mix and use each time you water.
  • How do I clean my Fiddle-Leaf Fig?
    Fiddle-Leaf Fig leaves need to absorb light and nutrients to grow and remain healthy plants. Misting your leaves will protect them from becoming too dry. Also, washing your leaves is necessary. Add 1 drop of mild dish detergent to a large bucket of water. Use a soft cloth to wipe your leaves using rubber gloves. Hold each leaf with one hand and wipe gently with the other. Your plant will be happier and you will love how it looks! See our video on leaf cleaning:
  • Where should I go for further information?
    We highly recommend The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert by Claire Akin. We have learned so much from her book and believe that you will too.
  • How do I measure and select a new container for a plant?
    When making a selection, measure the diameter across the top and bottom of your current container; then measure its height. Choose your new container to be at least 2 inches larger in diameter at the top and bottom. Also, choose a container that is 4-6 inches taller so that it hides your functional container (e.g. a grower's pot). This will allow easy removal of your grower's pot from your planter for watering your plant in a sink area for proper drainage. Additionally, you can place a drain pan under your planter to allow for proper drainage when watering.
  • How do I trim and/or notch my Fiddle-Leaf Fig?
    See our video:
  • What are your shipping and return policies?
    See the links at the bottom of this page for our store policies!
  • How do I unbox my plant?
    1. Open from the top of your box. 2. Using your fingers, pull out the tabs located on two of the box's edges. 3. Lift the kraft paper plant sleeve from the top opening of the box. 4. Pull open the four corners of the small white box around the plant's pot. 5. Locate the plastic drain pan placed in the bottom of box. 6. Locate your “Care Card” and a small card that indicates whether or not the plant needs water. 7. Remove the paper sleeve and place the drain pan under your plant. 8. If needed, water slowly and consistently the day your receive your plant. Make sure your soil is fully watered. This can be achieved in your sink without the drain pan. Allow time for the plant to drain well. Before placing in your container of choice, do place the dry drain pan inside your planter/container. 9. Enjoy & read enclosed “Care Card”. For more information, read through the rest of our FAQ.
  • What should I do if my package is delivered damaged?
    If your package is damaged in transit, please take photos of your box and file a claim with FedEx. After this, email us at with your photos and claim receipt and we will assist you in obtaining either a refund or a new plant.
  • How do I place and pick up an order for local pickup?
    Place an order in our online store and select the local pickup option at checkout (note: you cannot mix shipping and pickup items in the same cart). After placing an order, you will receive a confirmation email. When your order is ready to be picked up, you will receive an email for scheduling a pickup appointment. More details will be included there. Orders will be placed on the checkout counter of our carport for pickup (see below).
  • Do you ship to my state?
    We ship accessories anywhere in the contiguous U.S. but we ship plants seasonally, depending on the state. See the table on our Shipping Availability page for more detail!
  • Why can't I checkout in the online store?
    Possible reasons for the issue you are facing at checkout include: - You are trying to ship a plant to a state where shipping is unavailable. (see more at - You are trying to ship a local-pickup-only item. (See the items website description for more information). - Your cart has a mixture of shippable and local-pickup-only items. If you are local and would like to ship some items and pick up others, you must make separate orders. If you still cannot resolve your issue, please screenshot the errors shown at checkout and send a message to! Please also include details regarding the items you are trying to purchase and the state you are trying to ship to.
  • How do I purchase a Fiddle-Leaf Fig?
    Once normal business operations resume, you can come to our private home where our Fiddle-Leaf Fig Farm is located. Pull up at our garage driveway and enter into our carport check-out area. Due to COVID-19, at our farm we are only doing contactless order pickup and shipping online orders. Place orders online through our online store:
  • What kind of payments do you accept?
    We accept credit cards and cash only.
  • What sizes of trees and plants do you sell?
    Fiddle-Leaf Figs under 4 feet tall and ZZ plants are available online and locally. Larger trees are available locally. Due to COVID-19, our storefront is open by appointment only for local customers. To purchase something for local pickup, you must order online and select "Local Pickup" at checkout. When your order is ready, you will receive an email to make a pickup appointment. See our online store:
  • Are you a licensed agricultural dealer?
    Yes. Our Florida Agricultural Dealer's License number is 48001428.

Citations: Akin, Claire. The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert. 2019.

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